Episode 98: Biltmore Cardinal’s Crest | North Carolina Wine TV
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Episode 98: Biltmore Cardinal’s Crest

North Carolina Wine TV Review
The Biltmore Cardinal’s Crest red wine nose brings some cherry, black licorice and a bit of herbs. Kipp also found some band-aid smell. This well-made wine has good body and structure. It is very dry for what the label describes as a fruity wine. It features dark, rich, blackberry jam, cedar, currants and black pepper in its flavor profile. It is a bit acidic and has a clean finish. Kipp guesses that this is primarily Sangiovese, as it has the characteristics of Italian grapes. This wine would be good to bring to a party and served with a variety of grilled meats. And even though this is a non vintage wine, it could stand to sit in the bottle and mellow for 6 months to a year.

Price: $10
Availability: Directly from the Winery and select wine shops

Rating: ★★★☆☆

according to the North Carolina Wine Ratings Scale

About Biltmore Cardinal’s Crest (from the winery):
Named for the ceremonial wall hanging in Biltmore’s collection, this distinctive blend is soft and easy-to-drink.

About Biltmore Estate (from the winery):
The most visited winery in the United States isn’t located in Napa Valley. It’s at Biltmore in the mountains of North Carolina, where approximately 1 million visitors stop by to sample award-winning estate wines each year. The first vineyards at Biltmore were established in 1971 in an area below Biltmore House. French-American hybrids were planted initially, with vinifera plantings following in a few years. Inspired after several years of experimenting, William A.V. Cecil, then president and owner of Biltmore, decided that a winery was the natural outcome of ongoing research and a logical extension of his grandfather’s intention that the estate be self-supporting.

Locate Biltmore Estate:

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  1. beth says:

    If ‘fans’ send in cool shirts will you wear ‘em?

  2. Of course we will, Beth. We both wear large, and the cooler, the better.

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